How Can Reflexology HElp YOU?

How does reflexology work?

The body needs to be stimulated to remain flexible and keep the blood flowing. When still for too long, it’s understood that parts can become stiff.  That also happens to the body reflexes when they are not stimulated. A reflexology therapist has been trained to know what reflexes to correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. By applying pressure to specific areas, it helps to improve circulation and encourages the body to restore it’s normal function.

Which session is for you?

Most people belief that if you have pain in the foot, then have foot reflexology; however, reflexology sessions are unique because a session works on the entire body, not just the area being worked on. 

Eg. There is a map of the whole body for the hand, feet, ear and face. 

Reflexology – In person (Regina only)

These sessions are designed for people that are facing physical stress challenges. Reflexology focuses on increasing circulation to help the body help itself restore balance.

How often?

Acute conditions – appointments are scheduled every 48 hours for the first 3 sessions and then every week until symptoms subside.

Chronic conditions – appointments are recommended every week until symptoms subside, then every two weeks.

Preventative or maintenance – once per month

Please note: if improvements are not noticed within the first six sessions, another recommendation will be made. I am focused on getting you RESULTS!