Introduction To Pivot Masterclass

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About this course

This 4 part mini course provides the first high level overview of the steps recommended to Create Your Ideal Life when you are really ready to PIVOT!

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Course Structure

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Pivot Masterclass WELCOME Video

Welcome to Pivot Masterclass! There are 4 modules to work through AND some bonus material that I have added from other programs that I have offered over the years that I think you may find valuable. 

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How To Make The Plan To Get What You Really Want

It isn't enough to just have an idea. Ideas come and go. A plan is required to help implement, set goals, measure milestones, have focus and provide clarity. In this module, the necessary plans are covered.

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How To Implement Effectively To Reach Your Goal

Once you have made a decision and have a plan... it is necessary to take action to implement it, or nothing happens. 

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How Can Thinking Derail Your Success?

Thoughts are essential to reaching your goals, and can also be the number one road block in stopping you. In this module I discuss what you can do so you do not get caught in the trap of paralysis from analysis.

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Book A Consultation

Want To Work With Calynda To Pivot From BS? The first step is to book a 30 minute consultation.

Session Length: 30 minutes   

Investment: $349.00 


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Sample Emotional Clearing Video

There are times that emotion is trapped in cellular memory. How do you talk out or let go of something that you can't even remember? In my journey in beating anxiety, I managed to figure out how to communicate with the subconscious mind. Essentially, I'm like a human lie detector (without needing the machine). This is a sample of how I work in those circumstances.