October Opportunity

In a regular hand, foot or ear reflexology session, a reflexology therapist stimulates reflexes to help increase circulation and encourage the body to restore normal function. What makes reflexology amazing, is it is able to work on parts of the body that can’t usually be accessed in other ways.

What I mean is if you have an area in your body with excessive pain or it is too tender to touch, a reflexology therapist can work with the corresponding reflexes in the hands, feet or ears — rather than needing to work directly on the uncomfortable area.

I love working with my clients and recently made the decision to let go of all other projects to spend time in my home-based clinic.

In 2012, after beating anxiety, I was able to develop emotional reflexology. What I had found is there are usually only 3 things that create an imbalance…. stress, stress or stress. Physical, nutritional or emotional.

The emotional imbalances can be the most stubborn. In an emotional reflexology session, the emotion tied to a memory is detected with the reflexes in your feet. What is super neat, is you can actually physically feel when the emotion lets go.

I may be biased, but these sessions amaze me, even now, and I’ve offered them for years. To celebrate Reflexology Week, I’m making the month of October “Opportunity”.

If you would like to try emotional reflexology, you have the opportunity to try it out for the same price as a regular session! The only catch is you have to book your session in the month of October!

You are always the most important person in your life to take care of.

Wishing you an October filled with gratitude, fun and peace!

Be well

~ Calynda

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