Pivot From Overwhelmed To Feeling Lighter
(Even IF You Have Been Fretting For Decades)

Calynda has 17 certifications, author of "Journals of a Loved One", "Pivot From BS" (that is belief systems, not what you are thinking) and has been the talk show host for the Heart Mending Mentor

You are a busy entrepreneur feeling the harder you work, the farther you get behind… sound about right? You want to do things right so that you can reach your goals and be recognized for you efforts! Be an inspiration, respected and feel successful…

You want the lifestyle you dream about WITH the time to enjoy it! Have you been asking yourself how or IF that is actually possible? How do you focus with all the distraction?

How do you find time for yourself when you don’t have enough time to relax to enjoy a meal in peace? 

You know there has to be a solution… and you HAVE to find it because you are burning the candle at both end and you do not want to reach BURN OUT! Am I right?

Have you tried to wake up earlier or work later so that you aren’t distracted?

Try to delegate tasks and end up having to redo it yourself to get it right?

Spend time wondering when having a clone is going to be a viable option?

You even tried to create a bot to get things done with automation… and still, you are working sun up to past sunset! 

Your to do list gets longer…

Your lunches get shorter 

The self-care appointments are getting cancelled and replaced with more work.

All of a sudden working an 8 hour work week doesn’t seem so bad because at least you know the work day ends…

Then again, you can make your own schedule

Building your dream rather than someone else’s is why are your doing in the first place and giving up is not an option!


You don’t want to quit, but you are overdue for a break…

not literally of course, but it’s high time to experience some coasting rather than a constant uphill battle!

Is that you?

And here we sit…

Thinking: how do businesses make it? 

Seriously, how many hours did they have to put in before they were able to live in their mansions and spend their days sipping drinks by the pools… does anyone ACTUALLY do that?

Pondering: what can you do to get more free time without losing everything you worked so hard for?

Fretting: that maybe this might never happen

Strategizing: on what else you can do to …

Flip Flopping between this is NEVER going to work and knowing that you are going to do everything you can to MAKE it work. 

While Others…

  • Get paid vacation
  • Regular hours 
  • A predictable pay cheque
  • Conversations by the water cooler

NOPE… you can make this work. Living life on your own terms is worth ALOT, right?  (Are you ready to get off that roller coaster?)

You Don’t Have To DO That Anymore!!!

I HAVE DEVELOPED A SYSTEM that takes away the overwhelm so you can be confident saying “HELL YA! I Got THIS!”…. in minutes!

  • I know, I know… it sounds too good to be true.
  • The bills don’t stop when you do!
  • Nothing is easy
  • THAT’S impossible!

I hear those things all the time! And then after the session I get the…”how did you do that?”; “I feel lighter”, “that’s BIZARRE!”, “Weird. 

It literally can help you pivot from OVERWHELMED to HELL YA I GOT THIS without needing hours to talk it out! 

Let me show you why this is different than anything you have tried before…. 

Break The Cycle Masterclass

  • Detect the cause
  • Release the pattern
  • Gain Perspective
  • Experience the shift in minutes so you can pivot FASTER!

VS Other Traditional Methods

  • Try to talk it out
  • Try to find the pattern
  • Try to figure out how to fix it
  • Feel gradual progress