Reflexology Sessions


In today’s world, stress is a real challenge for many. It’s more the norm than the exception for most. Worry can show up for what seems like no reason. When you are waking up tense, spending the day tense and going to bed tense… the body is not finding any time to relax. That is a problem. The body needs to be in parasympathetic “rest & repair” to heal itself naturally.

Emotional Detox Reflexology

Appointment time: 60 minutes

To find the cure, you must find the cause. That’s easier said than done when you can’t figure out what the cause is. The human body has a way of remembering what the mind quickly forgets. These sessions have been designed to detect the emotion that the body is holding on to, help release it without having to dig for the story and giving you the opportunity to RELAX when it seems like mission impossible.


Foot reflexology 

Appointment time: 45 minutes

Description: The reflexes in the bottom of the feet are protected. When stimulated, they can be tender, and it is a larger surface than the hands or ears. For that reason, it is a great session for relaxation and for understanding the bodies imbalances.

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Hand reflexology 

Appointment time: 45 minutes

Description: When you close your fist, it is in the same shape as the human heart. These sessions are relaxing, and most clients find that physical and emotional stress melt away during these treatments.

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Ear reflexology 

Appointment time: 20 minutes

Description: With reflexes close to the surface of the skin and brain, stimulation of specific areas on the ear is intended to get your body to “listen” quickly.
Ear seeds may be applied to reflexes to stimulate an imbalanced area for up to a week. These sessions are perfect for self-care in a busy lifestyle.

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