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Why did I really write this book? The mind and body are not always on the same page and trying to figure out how to get them aligned is not always easy! Changing perspective is a good place to start. Mindset Transformation Coaching Sessions with Calynda are available for:

  • High achievers that are driven to reach the next level – fast!
  • Professionals feeling held back with overwhelming emotions they can’t seem to shake
  • Business owners that are wanting to escape the job jail they created for themselves
  • Entrepreneurs looking to work smarter, not harder
  • Executives needing to build efficient teams to scale their business!

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Why did I really write this book? The mind and body are not always on the same page and trying to figure out how to get them aligned is not always easy! 

Changing perspective is a good place to start.

I have personal experience that emotional “indigestion” can be a battlefield. 

I know what it’s like to try to find answers that no one tells you! It took me years of battling anxiety and panic attacks to figure out when your thoughts KNOW you want one thing and your emotions FEEL the opposite, that’s a clear indicator that the mind and body are not on the same page.

Most feeling that way opt for medication to maneuver life because how to change things without a pill can be a mystery. Medication can be necessary when looking for answers.

Battling symptoms is different than finding the root cause that’s causing the symptoms in the first place. Putting a band-aid on a sliver is not how to relieve the pain. Remove the sliver and let that area heal so you quit feeling it is always my choice.

The bodies GPS is emotion. The minds GPS is thought. When the GPS systems don’t agree, the bodies GPS, or emotion, will always win.

That’s good news for people battling anxiety because our body doesn’t believe the fairytales we create. Plot twist! Excitement and fear feel the same, so the body really thinks we are having a good time when the mind is causing a living nightmare.

The body remembers E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Awake, asleep, imagined, perceived or thought. It’s like a computer storing every second of our lives on files and folders.

The bigger problem? Those emotional experiences are encrypted with the exact emotions tied to old memories. If you don’t know the exact emotions tied to the specific memory the body is uptight about, that “emotional GPS folder” stays safe and secure in the subconscious.That leaves the conscious mind confused why its stuck feeling one way, when it wants to feel another.

That’s all a part of “Mindset”. Do you know what it impacts? Everything!

Health, wealth, relationships and the ability to chase your dreams.

The goal in this adventure called life, isn’t to survive, we are meant to thrive.

In 60 minute online coaching sessions, I help clients detect the emotions tied to old events, release them, and shift perspective so they feel lighter and free from the past. Over the past decade, I’ve helped many transform their life by shifting perspective and helping them gain clarity so they can let the past go. It’s amazing to watch the mind and bodies GPS systems recalibrate so they can work productively toward the same goal. Life is so much easier that way!

The book was written to give a different perspective because that’s really the best place to start.

Whatever area of your life you are wanting to make a change, it all starts with how you think. 

Stinkin thinking is not the foundation you want to build any dream on. Why??

Because putting all the effort into that project will not create the dream, it will just be the rabbit hole you follow because it will feel like the quickest way to solve the problem. When finished, you will discover that you magnified the problem you had at the beginning and you will start something else.

Good news! The lesson will get you one step closer to what you really wanted, so you time is not wasted… unless you quit. I don’t recommend that!  There’s too much to discover. Life life full out. Learn the lessons and enjoy the adventure.

Calynda has the honor of learning from Jack Canfield