There are lots of things that I use in my home and home-clinic that people always ask me where I get it. This is the place where it's easiest to find that answers for all things I usually rave about.


The Noticer

This booked changed my world because it introduced me to the power of perspective. It’s human nature to make things complicated. 

This book gives some insights that helped to remind me the solutions are simple.

My Go-To Comfy Blanket

This is the coziest blanket that is the perfect addition to any movie night! I love it!

Tourmaline & Jade Heating Pad

This mat has a timer and temperature control that you can make as warm as you like! When I have aches and pains, I lay on the mat, turn it up and it is like it melts the stress and tension right out of every cell. I usually fall asleep in minutes, so I love the timer feature so I know it will shut off!