In these 30 minute group sessions, you bring your biggest emotional challenge and we will work with you to wipe it out! They have been designed for you to see how the sessions work and give you a way to experience them without fear sabotaging you!

The 90 day challenge

Self Awareness Roadmap

Other Traditional Methods

Strategy Session Agenda:

Whether the challenge is personal, professional, physical, mental or emotional, it’s always better to find the cause vs battling a symptom.

During our time together we will:

1. Get clear on where you are at

2. Understand your goals

3. Figure out what has been working for you

4. Uncover what hasn’t been working

5. If it makes sense, we will give you the options available on how we can work together.

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Your Mindset Matters Strategy Sessions

You have goals and dreams…  to achieve them, you have to make a change because what you have done to date has got you to where you are today. 

You have a plan and you will feel good “when”, feel successful “when”, feel like you are settled “when” or be happy “when”…. BUT, that thinking is backwards because what you REALLY want will always be in the future if you are always waiting for “when”.

So, how do you feel good, successful, peaceful, free and happy NOW?

Our bodies remember what our heads forget and ALOT of our habits are programmed to be our auto responses based on what we have learned from family, friends, teachers, communities, experience and environment, etc.

Once we have become accustomed to the rituals we are used to, they become automatic reflexes and we don’t have to think about the reactions before doing them.

THAT makes it difficult to make a change because it’s your normal. So, how can I help you?

How To Work With Calynda

In this session, I get clear on what you are experiencing and we will make a strategy plan on the steps to get you to where you want to be. I do not work with everyone. My mission is to help you get RESULTS! That requires commitment on both sides and confidence that it will happen. Agree?