Emotional Reflexology

Emotional reflexology sessions have clients relaxing in a reclining chair with only needing to remove socks. During these sessions, when tender reflexes are discovered, emotions attached to old memories are detected and released leaving you feel lighter and relieved.

The most common feedback from clients is it is weird and it works. It’s one of those things in life that are best experienced. Trading the heavy emotions for freedom, joy, peace and love! 

That’s the mission for these sessions.

How can you do that? 

Finding a cure is easier if you know the cause but what can you do when you don’t know what that is? How can you talk out what you can’t even remember?

In emotional reflexology sessions, you can literally feel the pain, stress and tension leave your body once the emotion tied to a memory is released. All you need to do is relax in a reclining chair with your socks removed and be ready to let your worries go.

Sound good?


How long are sessions? 60 minutes

How often do I have to have a session? 

That depends on you. I’ll know in the first 15 minutes if I can help you or not. You will feel the shift. What you come in with as your biggest problem for that session, the goal is to get it to shift from a 10-0.

Sometimes it happens in one session and sometimes it will shift from a 10-8. 99% of the time, there is a shift. If you are the rare 1%, I would let you know and give you a recommendation of what other things may help you.

Who Can Emotional Reflexology Help?

Feeling pain but no explanation for it? Are you functioning well, but feel like life would be better if you could only fix <insert your challenge here>. Is your past constantly being dragged into your present so you feel like life is being lived on repeat rather than being an exciting adventure?

Do you feel like you are weighed down by responsibility or old emotions that you just can’t escape? I have good news for you! It is not your fault. How do I know?

I’ve lived the journey of trying to find answers and get help. I know THAT’S NOT EASY!  Agreed?

My Healing Journey

My healing journey has helped me to understand stress is a challenge and more the norm than the exception in the fast paced, high-demand, anxiety filled, covid focused world we are currently experiencing. Worry can show up for what seems like no reason at all.

Do you wake up with tension, spend the day on-edge or on high alert, then crawl into bed feeling like a brick hitting a wall with your shoulders by your ears and your day being replayed in your mind with added commentary that includes woulda, shoulda or coulda that prevents you from getting the proper rest you need?

With your muscles in a constant state of “fight and flight” it does not allow the body to relax. That is a problem. The body heals and restores itself in the parasympathetic mode, “rest & repair”.

There are usually three causes for balance in the body: physical stress, nutritional stress and emotional stress. Addressing physical and nutritional stress is important. The body was designed to move, and it needs proper nourishment to function. The body has an immune system to help protect from disease. In my practice, I’ve come to understand that we also have what I call an emotional immune system.

What is an emotional immune system?

When there is an experience that causes fear, heartache, trauma or something else uncomfortable, the body doesn’t want to feel that again and records the memory to protect itself against similar circumstances if it ever encounters it again by remembering the surroundings and events.

The emotion tied to these memories become triggers, causing the same original reaction when the body remembers what the mind has already forgotten.

It’s like when you hear a song or smell that brings back a memory that makes you smile; only, most times, a trigger only brings back the fear, panic or worry rather than the event.

Your body knows you much better than you do. It also knows if a memory is brought back to the conscious mind, it could be at risk of being removed, so it stays in the subconscious where it feels comfortable and safe…. and that’s the catch 22.

Your head doesn’t understand what your body is trying to say. There is a disconnect and it’s like watching TV on mute. You know something is going on, but you just can’t makes sense of it.

When the body remembers what the head forgets, it’s like our GPS is pre-programmed to avoid what we don’t want to feel. These are the things that we really don’t want to fill our mind. They tend to cause misery rather than bliss.

You will know when there is something “programmed” into your emotional immune system that you don’t want because when you attempt to focus on living in the present, emotion shows up with “past evidence” to stop you by using fear, anxiety, illness, aches or pains to prevent you from living fully in the moment.

Having that GPS is PERFECT when you have it programmed to bring back all the good feels and memories, but when it is programmed with fear, pain, stress, worry, grief, heartache, etc. without any obvious explanation for it other than your body is remembering what you have long forgotten, or it is hell bent on sticking on a heartbreaking memory that you just can’t seem to move past…. it’s time to recalibrate! 

What are my options for booking a session(s)? 
You can pay before arriving for your session or after your session: cash, cheque, debit or credit card 

What Do Clients Say About The Emotional Reflexology Sessions?

It is common for me to hear clients say:

“I’ve gone through all of the tests, and they show nothing”! 

I was 37 before I discovered that emotional pain can cause physical distress and I’m aware of how frustrating that experience is. I highly recommend doing everything you can to get a confirmed diagnosis from some sort of medical equipment. Being diagnosed with “I think it is” or “I don’t know” is not good enough. You need to know what you are fighting. However, if you’ve been through every test and there are still no answers, I call that pain with purpose. The body can use pain to try to get your attention… if you can understand what it is trying to remind you of, so you can finally let it go, life changes… and usually not the way you expect it to.

“I’ve been in counselling for years and I don’t feel better”.

How do you talk about something you can’t remember? Finding the source of the problem, rather than battling the symptom, is important in the healing journey.

“It’s impossible, I’ll never feel better”.

Looking to find answers by doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result, is indeed impossible. If what you are doing isn’t working, it’s time to try to expand the options to try something new. It is possible to turn “impossible” into “I’m possible”.

Emotional Detox Reflexology sessions have been designed to detect the emotion or limiting belief that the body is holding onto without needing the memory that your body is really holding onto in advance. 

These sessions do not diagnose conditions, but rather give insight to thoughts that can influence dis-ease in the body and cement reactions into the negative rather than the positive, letting them be understood and released in a safe environment to bring in more peace and let go of emotional pain.