Helping People Learn How To Work With Reflexes In The Feet To Help Others Feel Good Without Side Effects!

This is an adult foot reflexology certification course that you can work at your own pace. The training provided gives you the skills to be a certified reflexology therapist so you can work on yourself, your loved ones, build your own reflexology practice or work in a clinic so you can practice reflexology with confidence.

Foot Reflexology Course Overview

  • Online student portal 

  • Start anytime ONLINE

  • Canadian certification

RAC Awards
Calynda was the recipient of The Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award with the Reflexology Association of Canada 3 years in a row!

What The Graduates Say About This Course

3 Steps To Become A Foot Reflexology Therapist

Step 1: Learn The Theory

Core reflexology is where you learn the history, theory, anatomy, physiology, how reflexes are mapped on the feet and an introduction into the business side of the course.

Once you are ready, you will write a written exam before getting started on the fun stuff - doing the practical sessions with the practice clients.

Step 2: Learn The Practical Method

The practical training will teach you how to do a foot reflexology session as expected by the Reflexology Association of Canada. To complete this portion of the training, you will have to do 20 practical sessions before completing a mandatory review to ensure you are doing the method correctly. Once the review has been done, you will continue on to complete the 30 remaining sessions.

Step 3: Certification

To be certified, you must:
  • Complete the training and 50 sessions
  • Have a professional reflexology session done
  • Have your client case studies documented
  • Pass the practical exam (Don’t panic, there is plenty of support in the student portal to ensure you are well equipped to pass!) 

What's Included In Foot + Core Reflexology Training

Everything is included with the Foot + Core Training ONLINE & In-Person

Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes!

Learning Options For Getting Certified As A Foot Reflexology Therapist

Full ONLINE Certification

Includes Core Reflexology + Practical Training

1 Year Certification
Work At Your Own Pace


Learn The Practical Training In-Person or Online LIVE

Next In-Person Practical Training (Regina) 

or  LIVE Online Practical Training:

Dates: January 27 & 28, 2024     Times: 9 am – 5 pm 

Tuition: $500 

(This is in addition to the registration for Online Foot Reflexology Certification Course which is required so you have access to all the theory and practical training support to be certified as a reflexology therapist)

Pre-Requisite: Theory Training completed online before attending the practical weekend training.

Foot + Core Reflexology Certification online or in-person, is a 12 month course. You are working at your own pace, so it is possible you can complete it sooner.
Registration includes your physical manual, workbook, sequence sheet and foot chart will be shipped to you. You will also be provided with your own student portal login to get started!

If you start online and later prefer in-person training, no problem. You pay the difference and join the next in-person practical training with Calynda in Regina.
Completion of this course will certify you as a foot reflexology therapist. Online students must complete the practical exam live in person for the certificate to be recognized by the Reflexology Association of Canada. There are examiners across the country available if you are unable to travel to Regina.

*NOTE: Refunds are not issued after manuals have been mailed. Registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to in-person classes or when available spots are filled.

Foot Reflexology Certification Details

Reflexology Therapist perks

  • understand how the body works together holistically.
  • help friends and family melt away stress when life is heavy or health issues pop up
  • build a side hustle or full-time practice serving clients using natural methods
  • understand where to locate reflexes and where they are connected in the body

** This certification course is recognized by the Reflexology Association of Canada. Once you have completed the training, you will be qualified to apply to the Reflexology Association of Canada to challenge their RCRT board exam. With RCRT status (optional), clients that have reflexology in their group benefits coverage can submit the receipts to get reimbursed for their reflexology sessions with you.

Prerequisite: Must be 18 years old

The foot reflexology certification course is taught in 5 parts:

1. Theory Training: this part of the training is available online in a self-paced student portal. Students are able to work through the material at their own pace online in the student login portal. The theory portion of MUST be completed prior to attending the in-person practical training portion of the certification course.

2. Practical Training: you can attend this portion of the training in-person, LIVE online or through self-paced distance training

3Written Exam: Everything you need to be prepared for the written exam is included in the reflexology manual and workbook. As added support, students are provided with training, videos, worksheets, practice exams and study tools inside the online student portal so you can feel confident and prepared for the exam. 

4. Mandatory Review: When you successfully complete the theory portion of the training (pass the written exam), you will start doing practical sessions. Putting your new found knowledge and skills to work can be a very exciting time. To make sure you are doing the method correctly, after 20 sessions, there is a mandatory review so I can watch you do a session and correct anything that may need adjusting before it becomes a habit that is hard to break.

5. Practical Exam: This is it! You’ve completed the training and 50 practical sessions with clients and will do one more session with either me or one of the examiners available across Canada. Upon successful completion, you will earn your certificate and transcript certifying you as a certified foot reflexology therapist. 

** Note: This certificate is recognized across Canada

Foot Reflexology Course Outline

Total course hours are 186.5

  • 35 training hours
  • 25 hours workbook completion for studies
  • written exam
  • practicum of 50 (5 people receiving 10 sessions OR 10 people receiving 5 sessions)
  • mandatory review after 20 completed sessions
  • practical exam

** MTAS members receive 63.5 CEU credits

Foot Reflexology Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles of reflexology
  • Anatomy & Physiology – understanding the body systems function 
  • Learn how reflexes are mapped on the feet
  • Learn the method and how to stimulate reflexes on the foot for a safe, effective therapeutic treatment
  • (Optional) Prepare to challenge the Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist Board Exam to become an  RCRT
Inside the private facebook group, students are able to ask questions. All members can celebrate the milestones and wins with you. It's a community that supports you while you learn and as a certified reflexology therapist. We are always learning, growing and celebrating together.

Reflexology Training Topics

History of Reflexology

Discover the history and theory behind the origin of reflexology.

Understand what a healing crisis is, how it affects the client and the healing process.

We will cover the structure and function of the foot and how it works.

Biomechanics of the Foot and Foot Assessment Techniques

  • you will learn to identify foot conditions, their origins and develop the ability to provide an assessment of the overall structure of the foot.
  • you will learn how to complete a health record and create a treatment plan. 
  • know when and how often sessions are recommended based on the clients condition(s).

Anatomy and Physiology

Understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body, related conditions, and how to locate the reflexes on the foot that correlate to each part, gland and organ of the body.

The systems include:

  • The Nervous System
  • The Endocrine System
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Urinary or Renal System
  • The Immune and Lymphatic Systems
  • The Reproductive Systems
  • The Musculoskeletal System

Key Areas of Emphasis for Specific Conditions in Reflexology

The body systems can affect one another when there is an imbalance. 

Reflexology therapists do not diagnose or treat for specific conditions, but by working with intent on specific reflexes it can encourage the body to restore balance. 

RAC Approved Reflexology Method

This course is recognized by the Reflexology Association of Canada and outlines the treatment guidelines including how to provide a relaxing healing environment and hygienic practice.

You will learn what to do before and after a session, how to a complete a full reflexology session, how to main proper posture and the RAC technique.

This ensures you are following national and international standards.

Business and Financial Information

This module discusses confidentiality, advertising, professionalism, business operation, and what makes a successful reflexology practice.

This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to build your reflexology practice during your practicum because you are able to charge for your sessions as a student.

All forms you need for you clients are provided in the student membership site so you can print them off.

Home Study and Exam Preparation

The theoretical exam must be completed within 3 months of the last day of class.

The practical exam must be completed within 1 year of the last day of class. (Extensions are available for a fee of $75 per extension.)

The practical component of 50 treatments must be submitted to be eligible to challenge the practical exam.


The practicum time allows the student to practice the routine in a professional manner (as taught in the classroom). The purpose is to develop thorough case studies consisting of a Health Record, Treatment Records, assessment documentation and evaluation for each client. Each student must complete 50 treatments (for a total of 100 practice hours). The practicum should include a minimum of 5 clients and a maximum of 10. A maximum of 3 clients with one session each will be accepted.

Students can charge clients for these sessions to start practicing business building skills (50% discount off the session packages that you will be charging when you are certified).

Mandatory Review

There is a 3-hour mandatory review given by the teacher half-way through the practicum. The goal is for the teacher and students to come together to review and evaluate the student’s case studies as well as the Reflexology Method.

Additional reviews may be requested by either the student or the teacher for an additional fee if necessary.

Award of Certificate

Upon successfully completion of the theory and practical portion of the program, the student will be awarded certificate of training. This course fully qualifies graduates to practice this profession as a highly trained and skilled Certified Foot Reflexology Therapist across Canada. 

BONUS: Registered students will receive a code to apply to RAC to waive their application should you choose to apply to become and RCRT.

(Optional) Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT)

There are additional steps to become a RCRT once you have completed this certification program.

  1. You would have to become a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada 
  2. Submit your certificate and transcripts to RAC. Once accepted, you would have to write an open book board exam and pass with 80% to be approved.
  3. Clients that have reflexology sessions with RCRT’s (and their benefits package covers reflexology) can submit the receipts for their treatment to their group plan to be reimbursed.


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