Reflexology Certification Courses Canada

There are several ways to take the Reflexology Certification Courses Canada training depending on your preferred type of learning and what works well with your schedule. Which work best for you?

Online LIVE Reflexology Certification Courses

The online reflexology certification course in Canada makes it possible to learn reflexology in person, online LIVE or by distance at your own pace, in your own space. 

Training is offered on zoom on the same weekend as the in-person training. So, essentially, you are doing the in-person training by distance!

All you have to do is make sure that you have a good internet connection and you are set up so I have a good view of your clients feet.

Good news! The online reflexology certification course training makes it possible for you to take the course anywhere in Canada.

In Person Reflexology Certification Courses

In-person reflexology certification training are usually offered in Regina, Saskatchewan on designated dates and times and always on a weekend. 

Even though you are attending the training live, you will still get access to the online training portal so you have everything taught in class to review while you are learning. 

Online Distance Reflexology Certification Courses

Distance reflexology certification training allows students to register anytime and work through the modules at their own pace. 

The material are mailed out to you as soon as your register. You will get access to the online study portal and there are accountability emails set up to keep you on track.

Of course, there is a private facebook group you can join to stay connected to the community and we all celebrate milestones and wins together!

You are not learning alone! There is a community to support you every step of the way.


Can’t travel? That’s ok. The courses can be attended via the pre-recorded training in the student portal or by joining LIVE on zoom during the live  training classes.

LIVE training doesn’t work with your schedule? No problem. The online student portal allows you get to started anytime and work at your own pace.

You haven’t taken a class in decades? I’ve got you! There are a ton of videos, worksheets and support materials to makes sure you are prepared for the exam.

Upon completion, you will be a certified reflexology therapist so you can do a professional reflexology session whether you just complete the course or want to become an RCRT.

As a matter of fact, this course is recognized by the Reflexology Association of Canada so you can get the application fee waived when you apply to become a member.


18 years old

Master the art of foot reflexology so you have the skill to offer a professional reflexology treatment to your clients.

We begin with foot reflexology because the reflexes are bigger in the foot than they are in the hand or ear. 


Foot Reflexology Therapist

Emotional reflexology is for people wanting to get relief from emotional stress.

If pressing on tender reflexes doesn’t get relief, then there could be an emotion tied to an old memory needing to be released.

This course gives you a tool that you can use to help clients release trapped emotions so they can feel the tension leave.

This training is available in person or online LIVE.


Hand Reflexology Manual

18 Years Old

Watch your clients worries melt away with a blissful hand reflexology treatment. 

Hand reflexology certification can be done online so it is easier to work into your schedule. 

This training is available in person or online LIVE. 

A great addition to any practice!


Ear Reflexology Manual

18 Years Old

Ear reflexes are close to the surface of the skin and the brain.

Treat your busy clients to shorter sessions so they can easily fit them into their schedules. 

Ear seeds applied to specific reflexes may help clients to stimulate reflexes for a week! 

It’s a treatment that keeps on giving!


Of course, I would love to speak with you!

NOTE: Reflexology Certification Courses Canada can be taken outside of Canada. Albeit, additional shipping fees will apply. In addition, I would also recommend you check with a local reflexology association to see if they would accept the course so you know before registering. 

After all, you want to be recognized for all your hard work!