Introduction To Calynda

Calynda Triffo
Calynda Triffo is an anxiety disorder and panic attack survivor.

It took a two year battle, investing over $70K, before she found a way to detect and release emotion tied to old memories. Once she was able to do that, she regained her “normal”.

As a result, she uses what she learned on her wellness journey to help others. It brings joy to watch clients get relief from their physical, emotional and mental aches and pains.

Author of Journals of a Loved OneCalynda published her first book, Journals of a Loved One after the journey through cancer with her father in an effort to increase awareness and help improve diagnostics in Saskatchewan.

A BIG thank you to Hospitals of Regina and those contributing to the efforts to help those in Saskatchewan get a diagnosis quickly. There has been a drastic improvement thanks to your efforts. You are appreciated.

Calynda has the honor of learning from Jack CanfieldIn 2017, Calynda had the privilege of learning from Jack Canfield in his Best Seller Blueprint course. It was an honor to have Jack send a shout out about my first book, “Journals of a Loved One” on Twitter.

Certificate of Completion
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The Heartmending Mentor with Calynda Triffo
Calynda launched the Heartmending Mentor Talk Show and hosted it for 20 episodes. It covered several emotions and mend your heart, mend your life topics.
Andy Andrews and Calynda Triffo
Calynda meeting Andy Andrews, author of “The Noticer” in Nashville, March 2017. That book was the beginning of Calynda understanding the power of perspective.

RAC Awards
Calynda was the recipient of the 2016, 2017 & 2018 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award with the Reflexology Association of Canada

CTV News Videos
Calynda has been interviewed on CTV Live