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Introducing Calynda Triffo

Meet Calynda! Calynda helps clients detect and release old patterns so that you can create the habits needed to get what you want rather than dealing with the things that you dread.

Calynda has 19 certifications and currently helps clients in reflexology sessions, reflexology courses and mindset coaching programs.

RAC Awards
Calynda was the recipient of the 2016, 2017 & 2018 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award with the Reflexology Association of Canada
CTV News Videos
Calynda has been interviewed on CTV Live

Meet The Author

Author of Journals of a Loved One
Calynda published her first book, Journals of a Loved One after the journey through cancer with her father in an effort to increase awareness and help improve diagnostics in Saskatchewan.

A BIG thank you to Hospitals of Regina and those contributing to the efforts to help those in Saskatchewan get a diagnosis quickly.
You are appreciated.
Just because making a plan sounds simple doesn't mean that it is easy. Consistency is king (or queen) when you are wanting to reach a goal.

Clarity it necessary because it counteracts the confusion that causes most dreams to die before they ever get the chance to be experienced. This 411 page journal was designed to keep you on track for 90 days.. with clarity and accountability!

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Meet The Mentor & Coach

Certificate of Completion
I regularly get asked about how to get access to Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code Training. Click the button below for more info!
The Heartmending Mentor with Calynda Triffo
Calynda launched the Heartmending Mentor Talk Show and hosted it for 20 episodes.
Andy Andrews and Calynda Triffo
The Noticer by Andy Andrews is still one of my favourite books.

It was the beginning of my passion for understanding the power of perspective.

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